Doc.190 571-UPS-Lecture1_005 Scudiero.pdf.

Doc.189 Intro to XPS Helmholtz.pdf.

Doc.188 Electron Spectroscopy: Theory, Techniques and Applications.pdf.

Doc.187 XPS_Slides-1.pdf.

Doc.186 Figures for publication.pdf.

Doc.185 Top-ten-list.pdf.

Doc.184 Ammonia synthesis slides.pptx.


Doc.182 48-54-1.pdf.


Doc.180 1012366.pdf.

Doc.179 Naval.ppt.

Doc.178 Class on20th March.pptx.

Doc.177 Siae and morphology control class.pptx.

Doc.176 Gold and carbon nanotubes.ppt.

Doc.175 CO catalysis.ppt.

Doc.174 A Practical Beginner Guide to Cyclic Voltammetry.pdf.

Doc.173 A Practical Beginner Guide to Cyclic Voltammetry.pdf.

Doc.172 14th presentation.pptx.

Doc.171 Photocatalytic Reduction of carbon dioxide(CECRIBOOK).docx.

Doc.170 Nanomaterial preparation 1.ppt.pptx.

Doc.169 Nanocatalysis.pdf.

Doc.168 Chapter10.pdf.

Doc.167 Nanomaterial.pdf.

Doc.166 Thesis of iowa state university.pdf.

Doc.165 Synthesis of high surface area nanomaterials and their applicatio.pdf.

Doc.164 HC Final Thesis.pdf.

Doc.163 Nanomaterials for Energy Conversion and Storage (4).pdf.

Doc.162 Advances in Catalysis.docx.

Doc.161 Bookcover.pdf.

Doc.160 Royal Soceity Photo.htm.

Doc.159 CATSYMP-23 Banglore-1.jpg.

Doc.158 January1-18.pptx.

Doc.157 Lecture 1.pptx.

Doc.156 Background Mathematics for Chemists.

Doc.154 Background Mathematics for Chemists.

Doc.153 Background Mathematics for Chemists.

Doc.152 Background Mathematics for Chemists.

Doc.151 Work order for XPS.

Doc.150 Graphene and Two Diamentional Materials by Aravind Vijayaraghavan.

Doc.149 Science and Technology in Carbon Dioxide Conversion by Michele Aresta.

Doc.148 Transmission Electron Spectroscopy Diffraction Imaging and spectrometry-1.pdf.

Doc.147 Photocatalysis-1.pdf.

Doc.146 Ravi article.docx.

Doc.145 Sellavel-Review-1.ppt.

Doc.144 Research Highlights.docx.

Doc.143 Early physical chemists.pdf.

Doc.142 HMC-7-2016.ppt.

Doc.141 HMC-5-2014.ppt.

Doc.140 HMC-9-2014.ppt.

Doc.139 Organic-Inorganic Perovskites(1).pptx.

Doc.138 HMC-6-2014.ppt.

Doc.137 HMC-8-2014.ppt.

Doc.136 17th course partial list.docx.

Doc.135 The IMRAD.docx.

Doc.134 Oganic-Inorganic Perovskites(1).pptx.

Doc.133 CO2 reduction perspectives.docx.

Doc.132 CO2 reduction perspectives.docx.

Doc.131 CO2 reduction perspectives.docx.

Doc.130 CO2 reduction perspectives.docx.

Doc.129 NCCR decinnial report.docx .

Doc.128a NCCR Decinnial Report- 17082016-Finalfortransmission.docx .

Doc.127abc Lists of Books useful to Surface Science Users.pdf.

Doc.125 The Graphene Electrochemistry.pdf.

Doc.124 The Graphene Electrochemistry.pdf.


Doc.122 Natural carbon.docx.

Doc.121 Grahene.docx.

Doc.120 Roadmap for Catalysis in India-SWOT.pptx.

Doc.119 Clay1.pdf.

Doc.118 NCCR_Presentation.pptx.

Doc.117 IJCA-564.pdf.

Doc.116 NCCR_Presentation.pptx.

Doc.115 NCCR Presentationfor sudchemie.pptx.

Doc.114 Proposal.docx.

Doc.113 ILIAN.pdf.

Doc.112 Reviews in CO2 reduction (2).html.CO2 reduction perspectives.docx.

Doc.111 Fuel cells and hydrogen storage.pdf.

Doc.110 Fuel cells.pdf.

Doc.108 Microwave Materials.pdf.

Doc.107 Green Illusions.pdf.

Doc.106 Reaction Mechanisms in Carbon Dioxide Conversionxxxx.pdf.

Doc.105 CO2 and organometalics.pdf.

Doc.104 Handbook of Nanoparticles-Springer (2015).pdf.

Doc.103 Recent progres in C3N4.

Doc.102 Selected Topics in Chemistry.

Doc.101 ebook final.

Doc.100 NCCR Report 13-14.

Doc.99 Devaki Nandan 2015.

Doc.98 NCCR Report.

Doc.97 Roadmap for catalysis (3).

Doc.96 Roadmap1.

Doc.95 Zeolite Characterization and Catalysis.

Doc.94 C3N4photocatalysis.

Doc.93 Course Material1 final on 22nd june.

Doc.92 e book-Carbon Materials final.

Doc.91 ertekezes.

Doc.90 Gratzel book.

Doc.89 B Solar Energy for Fuels-Springer (2015).

Doc.88 B Photochemical conversion and Storage of Solar Energy.


Doc.86 B Carbon Sequestration..

Doc.85 Electrochemical and Electrocatalytic Reactions of Carbon Dioxide.


Doc.45 Sangeetha presentation 2.

Doc.44 Sangeetha presentation 1.

Doc.43 ICanu.

Doc.42 Review to NCCR.

Doc.41 Materials for Hydrogen Storage.

Doc.40 Form for TEM.

Doc.39 Hydrogenstorage.

Doc.38 C3N4photocatalysis.

Doc.37 Keerthiga synopsisfirst version.

Doc.36 Gold cluster CO oxidation .

Doc.35 Keerthiga Paper in Catalysis Today(not uploaded).

Doc.34 Testing facility for hydrogen storage(11.9.2014).

Doc.33 MNRE report under preparation.docx(26.8.2014).

Doc.32 MAC presentation.ppt.

Doc.31 Advchemistryletters.pdf.

Doc.30 Advanced porous materials article.pdf..

Doc.29 AuthorreprintsrscpaperJULY2014.pdf.

Doc.28 IJCA.pdf ( as on 3rd August 2014) .

Doc.27 MNRE conclave.ppt ( as on 3rd August 2014) .

Doc.26 Nitrogen.pdf ( as on 1st August 2014) .

Doc.25 M-tech 2.pdf ( as on 1st August 2014) .

Doc.24 M-tech 1.pdf ( as on 1st August 2014) .

Doc.23 Annual day ppt.ppt ( as on 31st July 2014) .

Doc.22 Nccr Annual day book.pdf ( as on 31st July 2014) .

Doc.21 NCCR Report 13-14.pdf ( as on 6th July 2014) .

Doc.20 Course Material1.pdf ( full presentation slides NEW UPLOADED ON 22ND JUNE 2014) .

ebook 1. An Introduction to Energy Sources (Complete book is available).

ebook 2. Nanomaterials – A Sojourn (Two chapters available).

ebook 3. Frontiers in Chemistry (Complete book is available) .

ebook 4. Synthetic Strategies in Chemistry (Complete book is available) .

ebook 5. Methods of Activation and Specific Applications of Carbon Materials (Complete book is available) .

ebook 6. Pollution Control Strategies – A Chemist’s Perspective (Complete book is available) .

ebook 7. Selected Topics in Chemistry (Complete book is available) .

ebook 8. Photoelectrochemical processes – principles and possibilities (part of the book is available) .

ebook 9. Photoelectrochemical processes – principles and possibilities-Appendix 1 (Appendix 1 alone) .

Doc.1 Self assessment report 2008 (Complete docuemnt is available) .

Doc.2 Report for 2008-09 (Complete docuemnt is available) .

Doc.3 Self evaluation Report 2009 (Complete docuemnt is available) .

Doc.4 Format for abstract submission for 20NSC (Complete docuemnt is available) .

Doc.5 Oral presentation abstracts for 20NSC (Complete docuemnt is available) .

Doc.6 Abstracts accepted for poster presentation in 20NSC (Complete docuemnt is available) .

Doc.7 20th NSC day 1 programme (Complete docuemnt is available) .

Doc.8 20th NSC day 2 programme (Complete docuemnt is available) .

Doc.9 20th NSC day 3 programme (Complete docuemnt is available) .

Doc.10 20 NSC Technical programme snapshot (Complete docuemnt is available) .

Doc.11 Poster presentation (Complete docuemnt is available) .

Doc.12 Poster presentation (Complete docuemnt is available) .

Doc.13 NCCR report 2011 (Complete docuemnt is available) .

Doc.14 2011.pdf (three chapters available) .

Doc.15 NWC.pdf ( the first circular is available) .

Doc.16 5th annual day abstract book (full book available)k .

Doc.17 6th annual day abstract book.pdf ( the complete book is available) .

Doc.18 Thermal analysis book.pdf ( partial book is available) .

Doc.19 TA_book_three_chapters.pdf ( partial book is available) .